Dog Bathing & More in Stillwater, MN

Dog bathing has never been easier than it is at Sarah's Self Service Dog Wash in Stillwater, MN. We give dog owners the ultimate flexibility when it comes to bathing their dogs. Our self-service dog bathing system is perfect for those who want to wash their pup on their time but don’t have the equipment to do so at home. We also sell washable dog and cat beds with homemade dog treats that are currently 25 percent off their listed price. 

 Dog Beds for Sale 

You can also find comfortable, washable dog and cat beds at our store. These beds are made from soft materials that give your dog or cat a comfy place to lie their head for a nap. Not only are our pet beds comfortable, but they’re also affordable. That’s a win-win!

Self-Service Dog Wash | Homemade Dog Treats: Biscuits & Cookies | Washable Pet Beds

Self-Service Dog Wash 

At Sarah's Self Service Dog Wash, it’s all in our name. This is by far the best dog bathing method on the planet. We give you the flexibility to bring your dog in on your time to get bathed and washed up. We have the best equipment, towels, and limited shampoo options so all you have to bring is your furry friend. If you want to bring your own shampoo, go right ahead. For us, it’s all about making dog bathing as easy as possible for pet owners.

Homemade Dog Treats 

Sarah's Self Service Dog Wash also sells homemade dog treats. We spend time every week making healthy, homemade dog treats for your furry friend. This is a great way for your dog to get a treat that isn’t processed or mass-produced. We make them with quality ingredients that all dogs will love. 

Stop by Today!

Are you ready to give your dog a quality bath? Stop by Sarah's Self Service Dog Wash today to give your pup a glowing look. You can always call with any questions you have about our store or come in for help with the equipment.

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